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Town Code Enforcement Office
4630 Millennium Drive
Geneseo, New York 14454
Work Phone: 585-991-5008
Cell Phone: 585-557-0053
Code Enforcement Officer: Jared Radesi
Code Enforcement Clerk: Debbie Streeter
Work Phone: 585-991-5009

About Our Office

The Building and Zoning Departments primary job is to ensure that building and structures in the Town of Geneseo meet the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes. Furthermore, the inspector enforces the Zoning Codes (rules/regulations), and stays abreast of new laws and regulations through training to promote or enhance public safety.

This department is responsible for:

Enforcing the Town’s local zoning codes.
The office performs annual fire safety inspections in existing commercial / private educational / healthcare / assembly / industrial facilities to insure a safe environment.
Review and approval of required building permits and all procedures related to the permit.
Process variance requests.
Land splits, sub-divisions and lot combining as required by the Town Planning Board.
Site Plan Review for all new construction in the Town and Village.
Address complaints and violations to the local zoning ordinances and local laws.
Address complaints and violations to the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.
Enforce “Conesus Lake Uniform Docking and Mooring Law” in the Town of Geneseo.
Issues Flood Plain Permits.

To issue a permit, the code office needs one of three types of insurance: An individual Waiver, Workers Comp or Worker Comp E200.

Call with any questions about whether or not your project requires a Permit. It’s easier to ask ahead of time then to have your project started without a permit and then late fee’s added to the permit fees, when your project is identified.

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