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Water & Sewer Department
275 Riverside Drive
Geneseo, New York 14454
Phone: 585-243-3220

For Water/Sewer Billing Questions Contact: 585-243-1177 Option # 6

Water Rates: Minimum $25.50 or 1,000 cubic feet of water per quarter and $2.65 per 100 cubic foot thereafter as of 06/01/22.
Water Meter Replacement Fee: $3.50 per meter per quarter as 0f 06/01/22
Sewer Rates:
$70.00 per unit per quarter as of 06/01/22

Per Section 98-40 of the Village Code
Approved by the Village Board on 06/06/22.

A. The sewer rent charged to each premises to which this article is applicable shall be based on the amount of water, in cubic feet, used at each premises as computed quarterly by the Village of Geneseo.

B. The owner of any residence, apartment, commercial, business or industrial property, including factories, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, hotels, rooming houses, professional offices, places of public assemblage, lodges, clubs, and all other places of business where sewer facilities are available shall pay an annual sewer rent of $280 annually, payable quarterly, for each separate unit of occupancy located within such building for each 2,000 cubic feet (15,000 gallons) of water or fractional part thereof consumed in each separate unit of occupancy during the quarter.

C. The owner of any private residence or commercial establishment located outside of the Village of Geneseo boundaries shall pay an additional sewer rent for each unit, payable quarterly.

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