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The Village conducted a survey to get public input on whether to "opt out" on the State's decision to allow dispensaries and lounges in communities. Attached is the survey in a pdf format (graphs and comments).
Click HERE for the Survey Results

Town SupervisorLocated near the ancient Seneca Indian meeting place called Big Tree, Geneseo (Seneca for Beautiful Valley) was, and continues to be, an important crossroad where people gather to live and interact in a regional center of family, education and commerce. It is only natural that SUNY Geneseo was established here. It is also natural that business has thrived here through many of our nation's challenging times. People like it here.

Geneseo has a growing tourism industry with many fine and varied accommodations. Geneseo is home to the Livingston County Historical Society and the 1941 Historical Aircraft Museum. There are art galleries, restaurants, and wineries.

Residents and visitors have access to public parks and open spaces for biking, hiking, historic sights, walking tours, winter fun, and water sports on Conesus Lake and the Genesee River.

We believe in Geneseo; good people live here and contribute through a myriad of public and private organizations to bring excellence to the forefront of our experience. Geneseo is a resilient community able to grow with hands firmly fixed on what is great about our past and what is possible for our future.

Village Mayor

Geneseo has always been a diverse community with many unique characteristics and points of view. This last year has not been any different. As we are transitioning from the necessary restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic, I want to thank all who worked so hard to contain this disease. It took patience and a sincere effort to protect our neighbors, friends and families. The Geneseo Village Board, employees, merchants and residents have been diligent in making sure we did not contribute to the spread. SUNY students and employees were likewise focused on the well-being of each other and the community at large. Organizations continue to work with Livingston County Health Department as we bring back more of the events we had taken for granted in the past. I hope at the end of all this, we realize more seriously than ever the necessity of looking out for each other. The masks and distancing were always about protecting others. As more people are vaccinated, the threat to everyone is decreased. Some people are choosing to not get the vaccine but keep in mind; others may have their own unrelated medical situation that prevents them from getting vaccinated at this time. I ask you to think of that before you draw another conclusion. I also ask that unvaccinated people continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and Livingston County Health Department.

I believe our local businesses took the biggest hit. As I said early on, it is more important than ever to support our local businesses on Main Street and 20A. They have worked hard to keep us safe and still provide their unique array of products and services.

Most importantly, I want to urge all of you to thank the employees of the Village who made sure all services remained in place, uninterrupted for the duration. The Police and Fire/Ambulance Departments continued to respond to all calls with the same professionalism and speed we count on. The Department of Public Works; Streets and Water Sewer Department continued to make sure our infrastructure was attended to throughout all seasons and water and sewer service was uninterrupted. The Village Office made sure all aspects of the Village financial and management activities continued with accuracy and efficiency. And the Courts continued to function in spite of the State closing down in person activity for a time. None of these departments did this without having to make adjustments to their operation protocols. I am impressed and grateful that they accomplished this in ways that did not slow down the work they all do every day for the residents of the Village.

Hopefully Zoom meetings will be a thing of the past soon and we will be able to meet in person once again.

Thank you and continue to stay safe.

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